The overall goal of S4RE phase II is improved income and employment opportunities for youth, in particular women and minorities, and rural households in the municipalities of Sharr Mountains and the Southeast of Kosovo.

Thus phase II will strongly focus on deepening and expanding the impact achieved around innovative models and solutions in phase I. Most importantly this includes:

  1. Youth have access to and use of adequate employment-related information’s and skills: The learning group methodology has proven to be effective in equipping participating young women and men with the required skills and preparing them better for entry into the labour market.
  2. Producers improve skills and are better linked to market and selected supply chains: Within the selected four supply chains, S4RE will facilitate integration of small producers, leading to higher productivity and quality of product and subsequently to higher incomes for rural households.
  3. Businesses increase their competitiveness through tailored, quality and affordable trainings: S4RE will stimulate improved performance and growth of local businesses through the investment into non-formal education and training of existing and future employees. The rationale behind this objective is that better skilled and motivated staff is a key determinant of market competitiveness.



The project will be implemented from 2016 to 2018, and is financed by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation through its own fundraising department, as well as the private foundation Medicor (Liechtenstein).