Shfleto menyne

The team

Alan Packer

Project Director /

Ertan Munoglu

Project Manager /

Majlinda Jupolli

Deputy Project Manager /

Shpend Emini

Deputy Project Manager /

Drilon Shala

Senior Intervention Manager /

Shqiponja Vokshi

Senior Intervention Manager /

Saranda Husaj Baraliu

Senior Intervention Manager /

Fatime Rrahmani

Intervention Manager /

Dhurata Prokshi

Intervention Manager /

Dardan Maliqi

Intervention Manager /

Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi

Senior Communication Manager /

Prend Krasniqi

Project Officer /

Leonora Gjikokaj

Project assistant /

Shqipe Shala

Finance Manager /

Driton Hoxha

Operations Manager /

Mimoza Shehu Musa

Senior Accountant /

Elheme Xheladini

Receptionist & Office Clerk /

Merita Bashota

Supporting staff /

The DEMOS project team, characterized by their dedication, responsiveness, and unwavering commitment, has continuously contributed to improve governance and transparency. By upholding values such as trust-building and harmonization, the team has not only ensured project success but also fostered an equitable and impactful environment.

What is DEMOS