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Women in Gjilan discuss prevention of breast cancer

DEMOS is working closely with municipalities to increase citizen engagement and oversight function of Municipal Assembly members. The goal is to strengthen local accountability, enhancing responsibility, and motivating municipal assembly members to fulfill their duties.

In this framework, DEMOS has provided support to Mimoza Kadriu, a municipal assembly member in Gjilan, in organising an awareness-raising lecture regarding the importance of health as a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The event was attended by over one hundred women, including breast cancer survivors, and it aimed to raise awareness about the importance of breast health.

Ms. Kadriu acknowledged DEMOS’s unwavering support throughout her term. 

“DEMOS’s support is a great opportunity, as this perhaps was and continues to be the only opportunity for other assembly members to organise such events. I firmly believe that this support will inspire other members to undertake similar initiatives, fostering a more informed and engaged community” said Kadriu.

The Deputy Mayor of Gjilan, Ms. Leonora Morina-Bunjaku showed her support for this initiative and urged the assembly members to take similar activities and engage with citizens. “They should not hesitate but take initiatives, just like Mimoza’s initiative on Breast Cancer Awareness. I urge the municipal assembly to be as active not only during specific months but throughout their entire mandate” she noted. 

The DEMOS project, in collaboration with the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI), started monitoring the performance of municipal assembly members early this year. Through monitoring this performance DEMOS hopes that this not only holds them accountable but also strengthens the vital link between municipal assembly members and the people they serve.

Ms. Fatime Rrahmani, Intervention Manager at DEMOS, emphasized that one of the DEMOS project’s objectives is to boost the committment of municipal assembly members in increasing citizen involvement in public meetings and fulfilling their responsibilities.

Each initiative, every public gathering, and every accountable choice undertaken by assembly members empowers people to voice their opinions and actively participate in shaping a brighter future for their municipality.

The DEMOS project is co-financed by the European Union, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway, while it is implemented by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.

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