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Local Accountability

By linking the performance grant of municipalities to social dialogue processes, citizens are expected to see quick wins from the capital investment projects incentivizing them to revitalize their interest to participate in inclusive decision-making and oversight on the executive.

In such participatory decision-making processes, citizens will be given space to voice out their priorities and demands and hold municipal executive to account, whilst civil society organizations and media shall play a watchdog-role of monitoring the performance of municipalities, basically holding them to account for the fulfilment of their primarily devolved mandate to manage resources and deliver public services effectively and efficiently.

DEMOS III will increase its support to municipalities in citizen engagement and monitoring of municipalities to enhance local accountability.

As DEMOS wants to achieve a systemic change, this requires incentivizing citizens to enter social dialogue, voice their demands and hold public officials and elected leaders to account through e.g., public hearings, public debates, online/digital platforms including social media.

What is DEMOS