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Women and politics in Kosovo

The participation of women in political positions in Kosovo continues to be one of the least developed points. According to the municipal performance report, the indicator that has the weakest point is the appointment of women in political positions, where out of 420 positions in the municipal executive staff, only […]

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Trainings as a solution to improve performance

Here at DEMOS the capacity building trainings have continued even via computer screens. Over the years, referring to the audit reports and the needs assessment report, the DEMOS’s staff has created the training needs scheme, by referring to the weakest points of municipal performance. The purpose of these trainings is […]

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In support of good Local Government

For seven years in a row, the DEMOS project has helped the process of strengthening democratic governance and decentralization system in Kosovo, where municipalities provide better services to citizens. From 17 municipalities where it was active before, since 2018 DEMOS has supported all Kosovo municipalities for a better governance and […]

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Supporting municipalities to bridge the gap with citizens through online meetings

Local governments are at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis. They are coordinating health services, ensuring waste collection, offering access to online public services and trying new ways to engage their citizens in decision making processes. As safety health measures increase, local governments need to rethink and find quicker and […]

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The National Audit Office Recommendations – Attempt to make things better

The main purpose of the National Audit Office (NAO) recommendations is to find and propose the way forward on how to fix identified irregularities during audits. In short, those recommendations tell audited public institutions that things need to be done better. To address and implement the recommendations given by NAO, […]

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Incentivizing Municipal Performance for Better Service Delivery

TEXT: Norbert Pijls – 31. March 2020 “Is silver enough?”. This was the rhetorical title of an article written by the mayor of Peja after his municipality won a second-best place at the annual award ceremony of the Municipal Performance Grant in Kosovo in 2016. In the article the mayor […]

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