About Demos

The Decentralisation and Municipal Support (DEMOS) is a Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) project, co-financed by Sweden and Norway, implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation-Kosovo.

DEMOS supports all municipalities of Kosovo to bring about systemic changes that foster good governance and better service delivery that positively impact citizens’ everyday lives.

How does it work

DEMOS supports municipalities based on their performance, by using the Performance Grant as its main tool. The better the performance, the higher the grant. The municipal performance is assessed using the Ministry of Local Government Administration (MLGA) Performance Management System (PMS)

By building competition among municipalities, performance grants trigger positive behavioral changes of municipalities for improved democratic governance, financial and human resource management, transparency and integrity.

In addition to the Performance Grant, DEMOS offers technical assistance to municipal staff that empowers them to deliver better results. The technical assistance is delivered in areas where performance is weaker.

DEMOS also supports the central government on systemic policies for a more conducive framework for decentralised governance

Our Vision

Municipal administrations, mayors and assemblies provide services adapted to their citizens’ needs. They put particular attention to transparency and to consultation with their citizens, so that citizens know what the public administration does, and take an interest in it. Municipal own source revenues have substantially increased and municipal financing is sustainable, transparent and more predictable.

Expected results:

Municipalities improve their democratic governance by increasingly involving citizens in decision-making, acting more transparently and inclusive of marginalised groups, and applying sound human and financial management practices.

The policy framework is more conducive for decentralised local governance and better implemented at the central and local level.