Climate Change Matters: Helvetas Advocacy Workshop in Kosovo

With climate change already affecting communities across the globe, the need for collective action has never been more evident. To address this pressing issue, the Helvetas Regional Advocacy Network is organizing the workshop “Climate Change Matters” in Kosovo on 5-6 September 2023 calling for a response and action to climate change and environmental degradation.

The workshop aims to create a collaborative space where Helvetas’ projects and partners from the region, including civil society organizations, representatives of governmental institutions, private sector and academia, can come together to exchange and build synergies on climate change issues, fostering innovative policy changes. The workshop was preceded by Advocacy Talks Online Webinar: Policy Solutions for Climate Change Actions, held on 15 June.

The face-to-face sessions planned on 5-6 September will focus on the EU Green Deal impacts on the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership, as well as advocacy efforts for decarbonization and adaptation strategies and plans at all levels of governance, including the private and academia/research sector, and institutional set-ups, including coalitions and networks contributing to advocacy work. Participants will have the opportunity to present and improve their ongoing advocacy/policy efforts, receive mentorship and advice to develop solutions for their challenges from their peers and experienced change makers, get exposure to the last policy trends, experience the implications of climate change and co-design ideas for effective change.

Through interactive discussions, peer mentoring, and exposure to the latest policy trends, attendees will be equipped to drive change in their respective regions.

The Helvetas Advocacy Regional Network convenes annually in one of the regional countries to advocate for a specific topic of critical importance. This is the first time that the regional workshop will be held in Kosovo.