LOGOS supports all partner municipalities in the field of gender mainstreaming. Mainstreaming gender is achieved through supporting local governments in putting into practice the Law on Gender Equality, in particular by encouraging women participation in municipal and sub-municipal structures, including women into trainings, organizing women engagement through established participatory decision making/consultative mechanisms, introducing elements of gender analysis into planning and budgeting and sensitizing local government officials to gender issues.

Awareness Campaign Gender responsive budgeting
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Awareness Campaign

In March 2012 LOGOS implemented an awareness campaign on gender. The aim of the campaign was to increase the awareness of general public and municipal staff on gender awareness. For the campaign for the general public LOGOS developed posters that were put on billboards along regional roads in all partner municipalities (Kamenicë/Kamenica, Viti/Vitina, Novobërdë/Novo Brdo, Hani i Elezit, Ranilug/Ranillug, Klokot-Vrbovac/Kllokot-Vërbovc, Parteš/Partesh, Shtërpcë/Štrpce and Kaçanik/Kacanik). Also a TV spot was designed and broadcasted 3 times per week during March 2012 by Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK) [in Albanian and Serbian language] and Kosovo Vision (KTV) [in Albanian language]. For the municipal campaign LOGOS provided municipalities with posters that address gender issues in municipal competences such as health, education, financial management and participation and representation of women in the municipal executive and the municipal assembly.The posters were distributed to all partner municipalities and put on the walls of offices and meetings rooms in their municipal buildings.

“Awareness Campaign – TV Spot”

“Awareness Campaign – Billboards”

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“Awareness Campaign – Posters: Gender equality in municipal policies”

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Gender responsive budgeting

A gender responsive budget is a budget that acknowledges the gender patterns in society and allocates money to implement policies and programmes that will change these patterns towards a more gender equal society. LOGOS supports municipal gender officials and female assembly members in all partner municipalities to participate in the budgeting process and to demand greater reflection on gender concerns in the budgeting process. LOGOS considers that greater participation by female municipal assembly members and gender conscious NGO’s helps in including gender issues in the budget at an early stage. LOGOS supports the continued participation by these groups in later stages to ensure that the municipal governments implement the budget as agreed and in a gender-sensitive way.
In order to promote sustainable development in this field, LOGOS distributed a manual on gender responsive planning and budgeting.

In November 2012 LOGOS co-organised an international conference on gender responsive budgeting. Amongst the participants were key stakeholders from the national and local level as well as international representatives from Germany, Sweden and Albania. During this conference, best practices and challenges were exchanged.

Relevant press articles

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