Policy Support

The interventions of DEMOS are designed to improve Kosovo’s local governance system . This so called on-system approach improves the sustainability and the ownership of the project’s interventions.

In this light, DEMOS provides technical assistance to central and local authorities with the aim to enhance a policy framework which is more conducive for decentralised governance. This includes addressing the challenges deriving from systemic laws for local government and those in the legal framework related to the thematic fields of DEMOS. Moreover, a study will be conducted to explore possibilities for a capacity development system for local government in Kosovo.

The assistance is results driven, pragmatic and flexible to respond to specific demands of partners. But assistance is also driven by continuous policy assessment and assessed needs of local government. DEMOS will coordinate its interventions with the Association of Kosovo Municipalities in order to ensure that the policy framework is designed according to local government needs and capacities.

Being focused on advancement of existing systems, DEMOS works with the Ministry of Local Self Government Administration to improve the municipal performance management system, on the basis of which DEMOS awards grants to its partner municipalities. This includes verification of baseline data, continuous assessment of data quality and reliability, necessary review of indicators, and digitalisation of the system.