Women Participation and Representation at local level – Training program for Municipalities in Kosovo

Inclusion of citizens in decision making processes, gender equality, women in politically appointment position, transparency and integrity, are some of the subjects in which  municipal officials in Kosovo will be trained in order to improve their performance in selected indicators of the performance grant.

DEMOS project supports municipalities in Kosovo towards a more democratic local governance and better municipal management using the performance grant as its main tool. In addition to the performance grant, DEMOS provides training to municipal officials that empowers them to deliver better results.

Last week, DEMOS project brought together first group of relevant municipal officials from various municipalities of Kosovo for a two-day training course, “Increasing Women Participation and Representation at local level”.

During the coming months, this particular training course will be delivered to around 250 municipal officials of all municipalities in Kosovo.

The Municipal Assembly Chair of Obiliq/Obilić, Burim Gërguri finds this training relevant and practical. “Trainings organised by DEMOS project are necessary and always welcomed by municipalities. This specific training enabled the municipal officials to exchange experiences with other municipalities about various practices related to inclusion, gender equality, public debates and decision-making processes. The information and skills gained during this two-day training is something that I can put into practice during my work”, explains Mr. Gërguri.

Meanwhile, the senior Public Relations Officer, Bukurije Zejnullahu – Jashari from municipality of Lipjan/Lipljan emphasized the importance of exchange of experiences among municipalities in Kosovo. “The group exercises were great opportunity for all of us, to hear and learn from each other about various inclusive activities on how to increase the women participation in decision making process.”

The DEMOS training program aims to increase job-related competencies of the municipal officials in Democratic Governance, Municipal Management and in Transparency and Integrity.

The overall objective of this program is to support municipalities to improve performance in lower scoring performance grant indicators.

DEMOS is the project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), co-financed by Sweden and implemented by Helvetas.