Women participation and representation at local level series of trainings concluded

This week, DEMOS project concluded its training course on women participation and representation at local level. This particular training course, addressees the performance of municipalities in the area of inclusiveness, focusing on participation and representation of women at local level.

Delivered jointly by experts and the DEMOS staff, the training focused on entry point to address the challenges and obstacles of the municipal performance in this area.

“Through focus groups with municipalities, we tried to find out about the most pressing issues in the area of inclusiveness and only then designed the training course to address those issues,” explains Fatime Rrahmani from DEMOS project.

Women participation and representation at local level training course was delivered to around 250 municipal officials of Kosovo municipalities.

“We have delivered a series of two –day training courses for relevant municipal officials. Last two months, we managed to bring together relevant municipal officials from various municipalities giving them the opportunity to exchange experiences and identify useful mechanisms so they can increase the participation and representation of women in their municipalities,” explains Merita Barileva from DEMOS team.

Through various group work sessions, quizzes, and interactive lectures, the participants were able to work on identifying the interventions and recommendations how to increase women participation and representation at the local level.

Mrs. Sadije Jakupi, the Assembly member and the Head of the Women’s non-formal group in Prizren municipality also attended the training. She considers that the training is very helpful because it helps both civil and political staff of municipalities to improve their performance.

“The training is very good because it helps all of us to identify where we stand and what we lack in terms of performance in our municipalities. Out of 13 directorates, a woman heads only one. This number does not look good for the legislative, considering that we have very capable women in all fields,” explains Mrs. Jakupi. “The Women’s non-formal group in Prizren is functional, and is active in accordance to its work plan and has great cooperation with the central level,” said Mrs.Sadije Jakupi.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Habibe Bytyqi, Officer for Gender Equality in Suhareka municipality highlights the importance of such trainings, especially in the improvement of performance related to the Performance Grant. “This training will help our municipality to increase the performance in these two indicators, “ said Mrs. Bytyqi.

The DEMOS training program aims to increase job-related competencies of the municipal officials in Democratic Governance, Municipal Management and in Transparency and Integrity.

The overall objective of this program is to support municipalities to improve performance in lower scoring Performance Grant indicators.

DEMOS is the project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), co-financed by Sweden and implemented by Helvetas.