Why is proper asset management important for municipalities?

Asset Management is a process for monitoring, using, maintaining, renovating, and disposing of assets in a cost-effective manner, ensuring the maintenance of desired level of public services.

Proper asset management may improve the decision-making processes by bringing an additional layer of accountability and transparency.

 The municipal asset management training concluded

DEMOS project concluded its training course on Municipal Asset Management. This particular training course, addressees the performance of municipalities in this area, aiming to strengthen the knowledge and skills of participants so they can better manage assets in their municipalities.

Delivered jointly by experts and the DEMOS staff, the training focused on entry point to address the challenges and obstacles of the municipal performance in this area.

“Through focus groups with municipalities, we tried to find out about the most pressing issues in the area of asset management and only then designed the training course to address those issues,” explains Ilire Daija Buza from DEMOS from DEMOS project.

Municipal Asset Management training course was delivered to around 90 municipal officials of Kosovo municipalities.

“We have delivered a series of two –day training courses for relevant municipal officials. Last two months, we managed to bring together relevant municipal officials from various municipalities giving them the opportunity to exchange experiences and identify useful mechanisms so they can increase their performance in this field,” adds Ilire.

According to Dardan Maliqi from DEMOS project the training is very practical and is designed in that way that it can directly benefit the municipalities, “strengthening the knowledge of municipal officials to efficiently and effectively monitor, maintain, distribute and manage assets will increase the level of services in the municipality.”

According to Driton Maliqaj, the Director of Administration in municipality Suharekë/Suvareka, all municipalities in Kosovo have issues with Municipal Asset Management, as reflected in the National Audit Reports, “the training provided by DEMOS has been extremely fruitful and has made us even more committed so it translates into better municipal performance.”

The DEMOS training programme aims to increase job-related competencies of the municipal officials in democratic governance, municipal management and in transparency and integrity.

The overall objective of this programme is to support municipalities to improve performance in lower scoring Performance Grant indicators.

DEMOS is the project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), co-financed by Sweden and implemented by Helvetas.