The Government of Kosovo and Switzerland join forces in improving good municipal governance in Kosovo

The Municipal Performance Grant at the amount of 9 million is launched for the period 2018-2021

On 9 October, the Ministry of Local Government Administration (MLGA) with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) organized the launching ceremony of the municipal Performance Grant.

On the occasion of the launch of the Performance Grant, the Minister of Local Government Administration, Ivan Todosijevic said in his welcome speech, “MLGA and strategic partner SDC (DEMOS project), we have had an extraordinary experience in implementing many projects of the interest of the local government in Kosovo. This project is a very important segment of the municipal performance management system, which aims to strengthen the institutional capacities of municipalities through the grants scheme that are provided under the award criteria. This system has been one of the most complex projects we have had over the years, but also the most successful one. The idea for creating a municipal performance system dates back to 2009, at the time when the whole ministry’s focus was on building a modern and functional administration at the local level”.

Moreover, this year, as part of the MLGA and SDC/DEMOS performance grant, the Municipal Performance Assessment cycles for 2016 and 2017 were finalized. In the 2016 assessment cycle, 25 beneficiary municipalities were announced, whereas in the 2017 assessment cycle, 19 beneficiary municipalities were announced.

The Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Hyzer Gashi, emphasized that “it is quite appropriate also the scope of this Grant that through financial incentives to encourage and support the municipalities in improving their performance in the areas of democratic governance, management, transparency etc. In fact these areas of engagement are largely determinant of overall development of each municipality, therefore the support towards them will create positive effects in the municipal governance”.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Switzerland in Kosovo, Mr. Jean – Hubert Lebet said during his speech, “We remain committed to supporting the further development of local government in Kosovo and we are confident that together we will provide important contribution to this goal. We believe the Performance Grant is a good example of cooperation between donors and government institutions and this experience can serve as a model for other sectors”.

The MLGA General Secretary Ms. Rozafa Ukimeraj presented in stages the history of the establishment of the municipal Performance Management System, pointing out the actions undertaken over 10 years toward setting the legal basis for assessing municipal performance, its importance and its effects as well as the joint scheme of the municipal performance grant between MLGA and SDC/DEMOS.

Municipal Performance Grant is co-financed by MLGA and SDC/DEMOS, whose annual budget reaches 2.25 million euros per year and is available for 2018-2021. The performance grant is awarded to municipalities based on their performance in the selected areas such as: democratic governance, municipal management, as well as transparency and integrity.
Participants in this event were: Mayors, Municipal Assembly Chairpersons, Municipal Directors and other municipal officials, representatives of respective ministries, representatives of the international community, donor community, civil society representatives and others.