Strengthening the role of the municipal assembly members

During past two months, DEMOS team has designed and delivered a training course for municipal assembly members. The series of two-day training course looked into the discussions on the expenditures versus budget reports, the findings of the external audit reports and municipal performance.

“These past two month we managed to bring together members of the policy and finance committees as well as the head of women caucuses of all municipalities in Kosovo in order to enhance their roles as oversight function so they require accountability from executive that  ultimately contributes to the improvement of municipal performance in the Performance Grant,” explains Merita Barileva from DEMOS project.

The main aim of the training was to increase the oversight on municipal expenditures, auditing and performance of municipal assembly members in Kosovo.

This training course was delivered to around 100 members of the policy and finance committees from various municipalities in Kosovo.

According to Raimonda Krasniqi, the member of the policy and finance committee in Municipality of Malisheva / Mališevo, the training has helped them to better understand how to improve checks and balances, “we have gained quite a lot of  knowledge on how to more effectively take a closer look and ask for accountability of the executive. Furthermore, we learned about the importance of our role as a MA members and allocation of budget which should be in line with citizens’ priorities.”

The municipal capacity development program, developed by DEMOS, aims to assist municipal officials in improving the performance in Democratic Governance, Municipal Management and in Transparency and Integrity.

DEMOS is the project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), co-financed by Sweden and is implemented by Helvetas.