Political Economy and Power Analysis (PEPA) training held in Prishtinë/Priština


Helvetas Head Office in Switzerland together with Helvetas Kosovo organised and delivered a four-day regional training “Political Economy and Power Analysis” –  (PEPA).

The training held in Prishtinë/Priština starting from 18th until 22 June brought together representatives from different Helvetas projects in the region, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

The Project Manager of DEMOS in Kosovo, Ertan Munoglu together with the Governance and Civil Society Advisor from Helvetas in Switzerland, Sylvia Kimpe jointly developed and delivered the PEPA training.

“Helvetas decided to organize this training because PEPA is one of the most important tool for development projects. Development projects often go into a specific context, which has incentives, which has rules – formal, informal, which has a history and actors with specific incentives and interests, “explained Ertan.

One of the aims of the training was to familiarize participants with the concepts of political economy and power analysis and to enable them to translate it into their program and project interventions.

Sylvia Kimpe, hopes that participants will be able to put in practice the knowledge they have gained during this training. “We hope that participants will be able to use this knowledge in their projects as added value to their future analysis in order to understand what is behind the screen,” she adds.

To find out more about the PEPA training, click below to watch the video: