Importance of human resources management

Proper management of employees is vital for any organisation like municipalities, precisely because municipal employees are interacting on a daily basis with the citizens and are being judged on the quality of service delivered by them. Therefore, it is of a high importance for municipal management to address the main factors that influence the performance of public official, which influence citizens’ opinion on the quality of the services delivered.

Human resource management training for municipalities

Looking into the municipal needs, particularly in the field of municipal management, respectively in relation to human resource management, most of the municipalities have demonstrated sub-optimal performance.

“The performance of most of the municipalities was sub-optimal in some of the indicators of the Performance Grant that measure management of human resources. Therefore, we have decided to develop a training package that looks into identified difficulties in the performance in these specific indicators,” explains Teuta Jaha from DEMOS project.

The Performance Grant measures the performance of municipalities in three fields: the democratic governance, municipal management, and transparency and Integrity.

Three indicators under the municipal management measure the performance of municipalities in human resources related issues such as, staff appraisals, the recruitment of civil servants and special service contracts.

 In order to tackle some of the challenges and to increase the performance of municipalities in human resources management, DEMOS has developed and delivered a series of two-day training course for relevant municipal representatives.

 Over the course of two months, the training focused on public officials and civil service legislation, importance of setting the work goals and performance appraisals. The training also addressed issues related to special service agreements, ethical and gender principles.

According to Albanez Tahiraj, the legal officer from the municipality of Vushtrri/Vučitrn, the methodology of this training was spot-on, “Training for human resources is of particular importance because it helped us to better understand the implementation of new legislation in force. Through group exercises we were able to better understand and resolve many ambiguities of the legal provisions.”

Whereas, Aurora Ramadani, the Director of Administration in municipality of Ferizaj/Uroševac, thinks that the training was professionally organised and that it was very useful, “the knowledge and the recommendations for better human resource management received during the training can be easily implemented in our municipality.”

Overall, the training course is part of a wider objective of the project’s technical assistance to municipalities, which is to support municipalities in order to increase the performance in the Performance Grant.