DEMOS team visits municipalities to discuss performance

As part of its ongoing support to the municipalities of Kosovo, SDC project DEMOS, implemented by Helvetas, started a series of meetings with all municipalities of Kosovo.

The DEMOS team is meeting relevant municipal officials to discuss their performance in the field of Democratic Governance, Municipal Management, Transparency and Integrity.

“The main goal of the meetings is to explain the performance of the municipalities and to discuss the opportunities for improvement in 2018. During these meetings we also try to identify obstacles that these municipalities face during their performance,” explains DEMOS Project Manager, Ertan Munoglu.

The identified challenges to improve performance indicators, will be addressed through trainings for municipal officials.

DEMOS project supports all 38 municipalities of Kosovo based on their performance, by using the Performance Grant as its main tool. By building competition among municipalities, performance grants trigger positive behavioral changes of municipalities for improved democratic governance, financial and human resource management, transparency and integrity.

The Performance Grant is a mechanism established and co-financed by the Ministry of Local Government Administration (MLGA) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), implemented together with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation DEMOS project.